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and this is just the usual routine for Yuna; she's brought snacks and blankets and pillows for the whole crew, made a big affair of making sure her friends were comfortable first, and has since finally sat down herself. She's cheerfully munching on some candies at the moment.

Let me know if you want anything, okay, Russell?
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[hear that

that's the sound of yuna yuki's latest mission

sorry damian.

but anyway, here she comes sprinting right down the center of the town when she sees Damian wandering out and about, waving her hand over her head. You'd think she'd maybe slow down like?? At all???? Like because of coyote adventures if literally nothing else at all but no apparently not.

Hey, Robin! Are you busy?
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["Early" isn't really a concept that exists for Yuna Yuki, but she's up at a reasonable time anyway. While her more severely left arm isn't getting quite as much use, Yuna hasn't let her recent coyote run-in slow her down at all: first things first after she wakes up, she checks the Hero Club's box, and then she's off to the hotel kitchen to make herself breakfast.]
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[so guess who Shinnosuke's been stuck with for the past couple of hours!!! of course it's Yuna

she'd shown up just before curfew, blankets and pile o' snacks and provisions in tow, sat right down by the stocks, and refused to go absolutely anywhere regardless of any objections made. Curfew is on now!! What's he gonna do to stop her!!!! Where's she gonna go Shinnosuke!!!!!!

Want some juice or anything?

[she definitely keeps trying to feed him. she's so high-spirited as always.]
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